Our Pledge

Safety first

Our staff works in accordance with ANSI Z133.1 a safety standard designed specifically for arborists. This standard mandates proper PPE (personal protective equipment), as well as proper protocol for operations. When you hire Sonshine Tree Care you can be sure that our employees are taking the precautions to minimize risk in this hazardous occupation. Obedience to these standards results in a much safer work environment for the arborist, as well as any bystanders.

Expert staff

We strive to further our knowledge about tree and plant care so that we can provide exceptional service to you. In addition to our monthly in-house “training days”, and weekly safety meetings, our team regularly participates in local industry association classes as students and instructors.

Honest advice

You can trust that the advice you get from our staff won’t be based on profit. We will present the options available, and educate our customers so they can make the best decisions possible.

Quality tree care

When you hire Sonshine Tree Care you’re choosing quality care for your trees. We love trees, and we want to see your trees thrive. We use proper pruning and care techniques according to industry standards, our experience, and personal desire for healthy trees.

Customer education

We want you to be able to better care for and make decisions about your trees. In addition to quality tree care you will become more knowledgeable about the trees you love. There are many benefits to trees including: increased enjoyment of your home/business, reduced runoff, and increased property value. When these trees are properly cared for these benefits increase substantially.